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OFFICIAL NAME:- Guddi Padwa.

CELEBRATING:- Marathi, Konkani, Kannada and Telugu.

TYPE:- Maharashtrian.

CELEBRATE:- 2 days.

THE BEGINNING:- Chaitra Pratap Padapa.

DATE:- March 25th.

FREQUENCY :- Yearly.

Gudhipadwa is an Indian festival which is celebrated in Maharashtra as a Hindu calendar. On this day, the New Year of the Hindu knower is started. On this day in Maharashtra, people raise Gudi at the entrance of their house. This festival is mainly referred to as Gudipadwa in Maharashtra. Sindhi people refer to the festival as Chetichand. This is the first day of the Shalivahan celebrations. This is one of the three and a half muhurat’s mentioned in the book Vedang Astrology. On this day, things like buying new things, starting a business, starting new ventures, buying gold etc. The Gudi that is built on the doorstep is believed to symbolize victory and prosperity. The program of Ram Janmotsava also starts from Gudipadwa. These cultural concerts are organized with enthusiasm at various places in the morning. There is also a hint that donations should be made on the day of Gudipadwa, and donate water-filled watches. On the occasion of Gudipadwa, processions are taken to depict Hindu culture.


On this day women, men, children participate in traditional processions. Also on this day, the leaves of bitter leaves are consumed. Also in the beginning of the Mahabharata, as mentioned in the Mahabharata. The aperture king planted the stick that Indra had given him in the land in honor of Indra and worshiped it the next day, the first day of the New Year. In honor of this tradition, other kings also dressed like goats on the saddle, adorned it, tied it to wreaths, and worshiped it. In the Mahabharata, in the Khilparvat, Shri Krishna advises his to all close the annual Indrotsav, Irrespective of the Indrakopa. It is said that Brahma made the universe on this day. This is also mentioned in the Ramayana. Shriram returned to Ayodhya. Prabhu Ramachandra, after suffering fourteen years of exile, defeated Lakhandipati Ravan and demons and entered Ayodhya on this day. A person who is the ruler of seven villages also performed the festival. Now the house is celebrated. They worship the Gudi. Niranjan shows the incense. Milk is a form of sugar, bitter leaf, fenugreek, and variety. In the afternoon, Guddi offers a burnt offering. At sunset in the evening, it is customary to take off the turmeric by carrying turmeric powder, flowers, and flowers. On this day, the New Year is also celebrated to the relatives by celebrating their happiness.

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